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ZE:A company… What’s next?

To be honest I have no idea what to think about this whole situation. I was pretty shocked when I saw the news. We all knew they’ve had problems with the agency and the latest tweets of our leader suggested that something bad was going on + Taehun suffering, it was way too much to handle.

On one hand I am happy that ZE:A has such great leader who decided to speak up and as always wants the best for his babies. He is really courageous to share his experiences and opinions with the public, though it may be the only way for SE to listen.

On the other hand, we all know it will not be easy for them from now on, not only them but other SE groups as well. Since they decided to take over the company, it might either mean they will manage the company the way they want from now on (even though I’m not sure how it would work) or - worst case scenario - they will disband, as they might not be popular enough to survive this (all kpop groups which decided to fight against their agencies were much more popular at that time).

I truly believe that somehow they will find a solution, which will be good enough for all them, otherwise they might lose everything they’ve been working on so hard for the past few years.

Honestly, only the members know what exactly is going on and how bad the situation really is but since I can’t do much to help them in any way, I will trust our precious leader and believe the decisions he has made will lead them to better future.

I’m really sad now but I have hope and faith and all I can do is to support them from afar.

Hopefully we, fans, will all unite in this hard time and show them as much love and support as possible, as they will need it more than ever! I will love them no matter what happens and respect their decisions whatever they will be.

I’m sorry it is not much but I can’t really express what I’m feeling right now. It’s way too complicated :/

ZE:A fighting! Leehoo fighting!!! 


Additionally, our leader mentioned also other groups, agencies in a similar situation, as we know they all suffer from such slavelike conditions…

I hope this would show everyone how the life of hundreds or idols looks like. I am still wondering what will be reaction of TV stations… I hope they will not try to ignore it… but the whole world is all about the money so I’m not so sure T-T

[IMPORTANT!] Update and Translations of Lee Hoo’s tweets


please read this, spread it, talk about it in any way you can. also use the hashtags #standbyzea #standbyleehoo #제국의아이들 if you have twitter. get it trending. this is so incredibly important so please help out in any way you can. lee hoo is asking for help, he needs it. zea needs it. all of star empires artists need it. (refer here to the tweets he made last night if you dont know whats going on)

i will keep this post updated as more translations and tweets come out!cr: soompi

“Now, it’s only a few hours left until the day ends.. There should be no more victims including ZE:A.. Why should they be suppressed while doing the music they love.. In this world of entertainment, you’re a criminal if you don’t have money and a winner if you have money,” Junyoung began.

He then sent out his pleas to his colleagues in the industry and said, “Seniors, colleagues, juniors, and those who will appear after they continue to sing and dance with their dreams… I have the heart to show you that it’s only the outside that is fancy and the inside is really empty.. It’s not that nobody is earnestly opening their mouths, it’s that they cannot open their mouths. What is money in this world, it shuts mouths.. Reporters, please help.”

Junyoung then continued, “But I want to clear all those false charges. Those inside stories about everything turning out like that.. not being able to speak, closing and keeping everything in our hearts, and doing as we’re told–that is how it is for celebrities like us. Because I don’t want to lose my group, ZE:A.. I’ll get a hold of my heart once more. Please help me….”

Junyoung then began exposing details regarding their contract.  “If this incident is buried once again, I cannot say that the world that everyone of you are thinking is wrong.. Why Siwan said, ‘Today, we also cowardly shut our mouths’.. before our standard contract came out. Our exclusive contract is for 12 years.. 10 years, excluding the 2 years spent while in the army.”

“After that, the contract we received that passed the Fair Trade Commission said that… we will have a 7:3 distribution ratio wherein the company will take 7 while we take 3, and we worked how many years with that [arrangement]. If we earn 1 million won, President Shin Joo Hak takes 70% and we take 30%… we are nine people. From 300,000 won, we divide and divide and divide it
among ourselves….”

Aside from the length of the contract, Junyoung also talked about the working conditions that he had to endure while under contract. “The contract length is seven years and with military included, about nine. From my 10s to my 20s, I am giving my youth to Star Empire. Because the dorm conditions are poor, [I] have broken my face while going to the bathroom half asleep. One week before the “Aftermath” comeback, I broke my leg after being sent on KBS Dream Team.”

“Is the broadcast station politics too? The Dream Team PD told me to come on the show so I went and ended up having tons of metal pins nailed in [my leg] but said on TV that I hurt myself while practicing. I’m saying this is wrong. The people who merely came with a fruit basket after the surgery…The reality is that this is the only way we can go on music programs,” he continued.

“I shut my mouth even then. At that time, [I] was more concerned about the hospital fees before my broken leg…What is it about money that makes one unable to say what needs to be said..What I…What we wanted was one kind word…But [you] made me…made us..this way,” Junyoung added.

Junyoung then sent out a warning to his readers, “In this world, money is everything, it seems. It seems to be worse in this entertainment industry that I have experienced..From the mouth to making people commit suicide, it is trumped up mass communication..Don’t believe it…Please know that there is a reason why sweet candy melts fast.”

“No more..we are also the precious children of our parents, more precious than anything, the apple of our parents’ eyes…CEOs, self-reflect. If you think of us as your own children, you would never be able to do those things,” Junyoung added, showing that he has made his clear decision of not bearing with the situation that he was in anymore.

Finally, Junyoung ended his series of tweets for the night and said, “I am going right now to settle things with CEO Shin Joo Hak. Please wait…Don’t take this down from the search keywords.”

ZE:A Junyoung (Lee Hoo) Twitter Update/Trans









"i just finished talking with shin joohak ceo. we decided that star empire will be run by myself and us, and we turned it into us ze:a’s company. i promised you guys on ze:a’s day. i’ll either tear them down or eat them up… from now on, please protect us.. but the truth… the files…"

"in the end, having lost everything and become penniless… i still loathe and hate him, but still shin joohak ceo was a mentor that i served for 8 years.. i’ll receive the scolding from the public and the fans. that kind of harsh words, shin joohak ceo and myself will take it on. we’ll reverse the contract so we receive 7 and ceo receives 3 (note: the ratio of splitting profit out of 10)”

"we changed it. what i want to say through this is that i understand that a lot of management company ceos have a lot of contract problems.. i’ll shut up, so please amend the contracts and treat them like actual artists. i humbly request of you. through your heart.. if your hearts can agree.."

"really with a heart of starting all over again.. just put it all down and think that ‘that’s my child’.. i humbly request that you think that just once more.. and all the public, fans, and reporters who helped me… thank you.. from the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing us get justice. from now on"

"for everyone who reads my words.. on behalf of ze:a, who sings and acts and dances and goes on variety shows.. and our sunbae, fellow, and hoobae, and all other artists.. i will bet my changed name lee hoo and ze:a.. and i dare to tell you that i will live life to its fullest and hardest."

"but i… i will be quiet for a little while, not as a coward. i will be watching.. all entertainment company ceos and management, please take care of your internal issues, make amends, apologize, and accept. what we want is for you to let everything down in your hearts and earn the hearts of the artists…”

"in the future, should something like this happen again.. this entertainment industry that i can see and ehar and feel.. please remember that i have a weapon capable of bringing it to chaos. i’m sorry that i’ve caused such an uproar and thank you again. thanks to everyone, we have regained the meaning to the words hope, goals, and dreams. thanks you."

"because there seems to be people who are misunderstanding me.. i’ll tell you ze:a’s internal management stories. it’s not that the ones who aren’t working are taking money. when i was injured, i didn’t have a profit for 2 years.. 0 won.. we don’t split our earnings 1/n. i won’t say anything more. thank you."

"public sentiment can become a trending topic or an idiot all of a sudden. scolding me because i didn’t reveal anything too shocking.. he’s the same. in the end, it’s all because of money. these kinds of opinions, i won’t pay attention to them. even my dad has never slapped me in the face when i was young."

"i was just a student who started this because i liked singing. but to be slapped in the face and just endure it and quietly bury it in my heart while doing something i like.. that’s a little.. everyone, please help me to conserve my words. please.. i’m sorry. i will temporarily suspend this war and see you later.. againk thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"yes, that’s correct. i’ll drive a nail to my heart. for the reason that I am a man, that i am the leader, i have been slapped by star empire’s ceo shin joohak on behalf of ze:a. it’s not just once or twice. this kind of shocking information.. i’m a person, too. if i was after money, from the very beginning.. sigh….."

"and… please don’t scold the members.. please don’t. honestly, they haven’t done anything wrong, and they’re nice kids who works hard and does what they’re asked.. instead, scold me and scold ceo shin joohak. for whom have i done all of this.. please think it over once more. i ask of you. if i have done something wrong, i will accept the punishment."

"i’m sorry. and thank you."

and that’s it. it’s a really rough translation since i did it on the fly as he was tweeting, but i thought the fans and the public who have been waiting all night to hear the news deserved to know the aftermath.

UPDATED 1:29PM EST: added two more tweets.

UPDATED 1:45PM EST: added one more tweet.

UPDATED 2:00PM EST: added two more tweets.

UPDATED 3:35PM EST: added three more tweets.